Kings of the land and the sky we are; proud gryphons.

Throughout history and mythology, the gryphon denotes strength, courage, boldness, gentleness, vigilance, fleet, virtue, protection, dedication, and loyalty to name a few. Gryphon images can be seen in architecture and depictions guarding priceless treasure.

The mighty gryphon aptly represents Union Day with its forelegs and head of an eagle combined with the fierce body of the lion. The combination of both the King of the sky and the King of land accurately represent Union Day students being well rounded through wisdom, intelligence and strength through continually pursuing personal excellence.

May the mighty gryphon guard over the students of Union Day as they guarded ancient treasures, inspire them to soar to their highest potential and become masters of knowledge.  May the proud gryphons of Union Day go forth into the world with boldness, virtue and loyalty.