PTO Board Meeting, Wed. October 10 – 7PM: CMC Waxhaw Community Room

MEETING DETAILS: Wednesday, Oct. 10 @ 7pm 
CMC Waxhaw -Community Room

Public Participation at UDS PTO Board Meetings –

In order to provide for full and open communication with the parents and UDS staff, Union Day School PTO Board authorizes several avenues for the exchange of information, ideas, and opinions. All of the following operate within the framework of the Board’s regular meetings:

  1. Written correspondence may be directed to the PTO President for consideration at a meeting:
  2. There will be a period of up to 30 minutes set aside for parents to address the Board on items of school business. Individuals are limited in their comments to three (3) minutes unless extra time is allowed by the chairperson. When several persons wish to address the Board on one topic, they shall choose one spokesperson.
  3. The chairperson retains the right to limit discussions on a particular question when such discussion becomes libelous, slanderous, personally colored, or unrelated to the topic being considered.


All meetings of the PTO Board will be presided over by the chairperson with the purpose of conducting the business of the Board in a responsible and expeditious manner. While the chairman will have authority to regulate and limit public participation within the provisions of this policy, the Board may determine to limit or alter this authority by a majority vote.